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We are happy to announce that the team at Divine Fijians Home Care is bringing their world-class, highly sought-after services to Los Angeles

Our dynamic team of experienced and passionate caregivers are proud to extend their personalized care to Southern California!

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Why We Care

  • We are who we are because of the sacrifices and hard work of our previous generations who have taught us to care for them.
  • Every client deserves comfort, respect, and peace of mind.
  • It is important that we give back to our older generations with the values, experiences, and respect that were shown to us.

What We Do

  • At Divine Fijians Home Care, we understand that the safety and well-being of your loved ones is extremely important. Our highly trained and experienced staff have one goal in mind: to create a safe, healthy, and friendly environment for our clients.
  • Caring for your loved ones is not a job, but an opportunity to help. This is why our caregivers are not only well-trained and experienced, but also loving and caring individuals.

How We Do It

  • We select team members who have demonstrated that caring for others and having a heart to serve is part of their identity! We find that they make for the best caregivers and receive the highest praise from clients and their families alike.
  • Our support team works behind the scenes to ensure that our caregivers can focus all their attention on clients. We are constantly reviewing our internal systems to ensure that we can utilize the best technology available to provide monitoring of our clients and caregivers and to keep families updated with everything that is going on with their loved one.

Click Here for a FREE no Obligation chat with one of our team members.

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